Are They REALLY Worth It?

September 5, 2016

For all the young women out there, whether you're in high school, college, in the workforce, or whether you like to shop or not,  this post is for you.  

DESIGNER ITEMS: Are They Really Worth Spending Your Money On Them? 

        Yes. I strongly believe that designer items are worth it. Investing in designer items saves you more money in the long run, than one thinks. You may be wondering, designer items are crazily expensive, how can I afford it? Yes they are! However, I've come to know that buying designer items is better than constantly buying inexpensive but cheap quality items. I absolutely dislike buying cheap quality things. Here are my top five suggestions for anyone who wishes to own any designer item. I believe that these suggestions will help anyone avoid buying junk and save money. 

  1. THINK of designer items as an investment for the future. It is better to own a quality designer piece in your closet than to own a cheap one and not only will the item last longer, it will also give you a boost of confidence in yourself. And your bank account will thank you one day. 

  1. INVEST in pieces that never go out of style, especially the basics of a wardrobe, and also choose colors that are forever timeless, such as black, white, blush, and red. Investing in pieces that do not go out style will add versatility to your wardrobe, and can help you create a personal style. 

  1. Don't be alarm by the PRICE. I think that people don’t like spending money on designer items, mainly because of the price. We are all guilty of going to a store, picking up something beautiful, but only to put it back down because of the price. However it is better to splurge a designer piece that has an amazing quality and will last for a longer period of time, than to buy an inexpensive item with a cheap quality.  

  1. INVEST only in pieces that you need in your wardrobe, especially items that you wear often. Doing this will help save money and avoid unnecessary purchases. If you are obssessed with shoes, invest in good pair of shoes, because sometimes, shoes can either add elegance to an outfit or just make the outfit horrible. 

  1. SHOP SMART! I think one of the reasons why some women do not like spending money on a brand-name item is because they do not know how to shop smart. Always look for sales on websites or stores that sell designer items. Shop during seasonal times because more than likely, things go on sale. Look for outlets of designers such as Kate Spade, or Michael Kors, because things are less expensive at outlets. Remember that you do not have to buy brand-name items at full price. 

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