Lady In Red...

September 26, 2016

A little story about this dress:

So about two or three years ago around Christmas time, I had to go to a church event and I was in need of a dress to wear, specifically a red dress. I planned on shopping for a dress a month before, but for some reason, I never did. So I went shopping a day before I had to leave for the event. Unfortunately, I went to all the stores that I could think of, but I could not find anything that fitted or looked beautiful on me. It was quite overwhelming and frustrating.
So I decided to go to H&M (it was my last hope); and I decided to give up on dress shopping if I did not find anything there. The minute I entered the store, I saw this dress staring at me. I had seen this dress at a different mall that I went to earlier in the day, but I thought that it would be too big for me so I didn't even bother trying it on. However, when I tried this on at the Mall, I completely fell in-love with it. I loved how the color looked on me and how it fitted me. I was so relieved because I found what I was looking for, after a long day of running around town trying to find something to wear at the event. This is one of my favorite dress of all time!

Also this hat(from Nordstrom) is giving me life! This hat is such a lifesaver for bad hair-days and it looks chic and I love it!!



  1. Nice outfit! The red is just amazing on your skin!
    xo from France


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