A Sudden Change......

November 16, 2016

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is only a week away! AHHHHH! It's crazy how fast time flies by, however this past weekend was bitter-sweet for me. Unfortunately, I lost a family member this weekend, and It is quite sad that he died around this time of year. Originally, I did not plan to wear black and red this weekend, but then I heard about this sudden news. So I decided to pair this black T-shirt with this red ankle pant. I did not have time to do my hair in the morning and this Floppy Wool Hat was the perfect solution to my dilemma. Also I decided do pair this look with this MAC Lipstick to brighten up my makeup. 

Losing a family member is such a difficult experience to go through, especially with only 40 days left till Christmas and also only 46 days left until the end of the year. But I believe the only thing we can do after grieving is to just smile and remember the good times you shared with the person. Just as the Bible says, "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." Matthew 5:4

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  1. I'm so very sorry for your loss. It really is a difficult time of year to lose sometime you care about. For what it's worth, though, you look really nice in this outfit.

    NCsquared Life

  2. Black and red is such a classic color combo! Love this outfit - especially the hat!! :)

  3. cecilia you look absolutely beautiful!! i love this look!!!

  4. Thank you so much STILL BEING [MOLLY]

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I am obsessed with this look!!! You look amazing. And fierce :)

  7. This month (and year!) have flown by. I love that hat, and the pop of red is amazing!

  8. So sorry about the loss of your loved ones. I so can empathize with you we lost my dad around Christmas 2 years ago.


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