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November 23, 2016

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1. Every girl needs a signature scent and it is so difficult to find a perfume that you like with so many brands out there. I chose this ChloĆ© Coffret perfume gift set because it is one of the easiest ways to try a perfume without spending money on an expensive one that you do not like. Also, I think it makes the perfect holiday gift for a friend, sister, or as a secret-santa gift.

2. I do not like my lips getting dry especially during this time of year and as a result, I chose the EOS lip-set because I love them and I think they are super moisturizing for your lips. This lip-set also makes a great holiday gift for a friend or anyone you know who is a lip-balm lover.

3. I love this Morphe Brush Set because it is so convenient for traveling, and I personally own this brush set and they are amazing. This will make a perfect holiday gift for the makeup-lover who is always on the go or for the new beauty-addict.

4. I love gifting people with gift-sets during the holiday season, mainly because they are less expensive than the individual products, and you get more products in one set. That is why I picked this MAC Lip-kit. I also picked this kit because of the color.

5. Makeup bags are always great to give as gifts during the holidays, especially when they are filled with makeup products. So I included this Makeup bag mainly because it looks so festive and it is also convenient for traveling.

6. Beauty is not just all about makeup so I included this Sheet Mask in the gift-guide for the beauty addict who loves to take care of her skin. Sheet Masks are fun to put on your face on a night in or on a chill-time during the weekends.

7. I like the idea of buying skincare trial kits such as this Clinique Set from Sephora. I love them because they help you to try the products before spending excessive amount of money on the individual products, if the particular skincare brand is good for you or not, and it is an awesome way to know if the products work or not.

8. Neutral eyeshadows are great for any skin-complexion and I picked this MAC Eyeshadow palette because it has amazing neutral colors and it is perfect for the girl on the go or the busy-beauty addict.

9. The holidays are the perfect time to give amazing gifts to the people that you cherish and also it is the perfect season to wear red. I love Chanel and I think that a Chanel Lipstick in red is a classic gift to give to that special friend or for yourself.

10. Lastly, I included this Bath and Body Works Shower Gel set because their products smell amazing, especially, their holiday inspired products.

P.S. This post is not sponsored by any of the above brands or retailers.

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