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January 11, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

One of the things that I cherish most about my life is being african. There is so much beauty, and uniqueness in every culture in Africa, from the different types of food, to the different prints and colors of the traditional clothing we wear.

Since clothing is a form of identity, I believe that one of the many things that sets Africans apart are the fabrics that we use for clothing such as this blazer.
So today, I decided to show you all how I style my African-print blazer, because it can be quite difficult to style them sometimes.

I received this blazer as a gift and I just love it, especially the colors. I love pairing this blazer with neutral colors because of how colorful it is, and also it looks better with neutral colors.
For this look, I decided to pair it with a black legging, tank, and boots. For my accessories, I decided to wear gold earrings to compliment the blazer.

Ankara Blazers can also be styled with an all-white outfit or any of the colors in the print.
Although I don't have the specific link for this blazer, be sure to click on the highlighted words and also here to find similar styles.

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