The All Blue 4th of July outfit ideas.....

June 28, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

It is almost July- this year is going by extremely fast. Also 4th of July is less than a week away and for the people going to a barbecue party or any-kind of 4th of July event, figuring out what to wear is usually not a problem since everyone has red, white, or blue clothing in their wardrobe. Today, I am mainly focusing on the color blue, so I have round up some of my July 4th inspired outfits that I have worn so far. I hope you are inspired by this. Enjoy!

The Outfits:

Outfit 1: Off-shoulder blouse w/. dark blue Denim

I like how this look is monochromatic but paired with a big hat like mine adds such glamour to the look and it protects you from the sun.

Outfit 2: Dress w/. Converse

This dress is one of my favorite dresses and I love the tassels on it. Styling a dress with converse or sneakers gives you more of a casual, sporty, but yet a comfy look.

Outfit 3: The Denim on Denim w/. the Cross-body Bag

This look is perfect for a casual brunch or lunch date on July 4th and pairing this look with a no-makeup makeup look with a red lip just makes the overall style look cohesive.

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Daily Word: Song- His banner over me is love
"The LORD is mine and I am His
His banner over me is love
The LORD is mine and I am His
His banner over me is love
The LORD is mine and I am His
His banner over me is love,
His banner over me is LOVE!"

How To Shop For Beauty Products: Makeup Edition.....

June 26, 2017

Happy Monday!

There are many common threads that tie women from all cultures and backgrounds together. One of these common threads is beauty, and now more than ever, women are readily to take risks with different and new beauty products emerging in the market.

Although women are taking risks with different beauty products, the most challenging thing that I have noticed is that some women have absolutely no idea how to shop for beauty products, especially face makeup products such as foundation and concealer. It is extremely difficult for women, primarily for women of color, to find a foundation or concealer shade that either matches or don't.

Below are the tips I have learned when shopping for mainly foundation and concealer, and I hope that you find these tips helpful. Enjoy!

Shopping Tips:

  1. WHEN shopping for face makeup, make sure you don't have makeup on your face. Having makeup on your face just defeats the purpose of you finding the [perfect] color/shade.
  2. DON'T shop for foundation or concealer online. There is a high percentage that you will get the wrong one unless you already know your foundation color for that specific brand. Even with that, it is tricky because some of the makeup brands tend to change the name of the colors or the shades.
  3. ALWAYS ask for a sample of the product you try from Sephora before you purchase the full product. You will save money by doing that and since some of the Sephora stores are usually inside the mall with no natural light, it is difficult to tell if the makeup looks good outside. 
  4. PICK out the shade of makeup that you think will be a [perfect] match for you. Trust your instincts because you know your complexion better than the makeup artists/sales people at Sephora, MAC, Ulta, or any other makeup store. If you have no idea what color or shade to choose, then leave it to the pros.
  5. LASTLY, when shopping at Ulta, specifically the stores outside the mall-the ones in a shopping center, make sure to go outside to check how the foundation or concealer looks in natural light  before you buy the full size product. 
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Daily Word: Motivation Monday....
For all those that hate Mondays, instead of hating it, be excited and grateful that you get to live to see a new week. I love Mondays because it reminds me that I get a do over for anything that I started but didn't go so well. Learn to love Mondays and be reminded of the opportunity that it presents.

Feel The Blues: 4th Of July Inspired.....

June 21, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

  It is officially the first day of Summer 2017! This summer is definitely going to be a summer to remember but most importantly, the past months has been bitter-sweet. However, I am grateful for all those moments and I can't wait for what the rest of the year have in store for me.

  Anyways, 4th of July is right around the corner and I think this monochromatic look will be such a cute outfit idea for the holiday, especially for people who don't like wearing shorts. Although, I think wearing white or denim shorts can turn this look into a more casual, fun and slightly flirty look. The denim off-shoulder that I'm wearing from is just the cutest top for this season. I love the powdery blue color and how light and airy it feels. I also like how the sleeves are not too short or too long, which is perfect for those cold summer nights.

Style Tip:

  For more of a festive 4th of July look, this shirt can definitely be worn with white or red bottoms. I personally love the monochromatic look with a pop of the orange lipstick. I like having my lipsticks as the focal points when I style a look.

P.S. Also this kind lady invited me to her store and she was sweet enough to let me try on some of the accessories such as the necklace and the bracelets, hence the tag on the bracelet. God Bless Her!

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Daily Word:
Gratitude Day
The LORD is such a faithful God. He is faithful even when I am not. And I just want to thank Him for all that He does and what He keeps doing in my life and in the life of those around me. So this day I decree and declare that His praise shall never leave my lips! Amen.

Photography by J.Adonai Photography

3 Must-Have Nail Polish Colors for Summer.....

June 16, 2017

Happy Friday!

I am into bright nail polish colors as well as lipsticks. Light colored nail polishes such as pastel pink or sheer pink looks terrible on me because my finger nails are so dark. I have yet to find a beautiful light pink shade that would look great on me.

That is the reason why I have been loving these 3 nail polish colors so far. I love how bright and bold the colors look and they look great on my fingernails. The cobalt or royal blue shade is my favorite nail polish color of all time! It is absolutely stunning and I love how it looks on on every skin tone. The yellow shade is also beautiful and it is not too neon and not too light like mustard yellow. The white is very pigmented and it almost look chalky, but I still like it. That is it; I hope to find a beautiful light pink nail polish that would look good on me. Feel free to recommend any nail polish colors for the summer or any pink nail polishes.

P.S. The BEST places to get pricey nail polishes such as Essie, OPI, or Butter London is Marshalls, and TJ MAXX. Most of them are under $5!!!

Shop this post....
Blue (Revlon)- Walmart | White (Essie)- Marshalls | Yellow (O.P.I.)- Marshalls
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Daily Word:
"Trust in the LORD with all you heart;
do not depend on your own understanding.
Seek his will in all you do,
and he will show you which path to take."- NLT

The Any-Occassion Dress For the Season.....

June 14, 2017

Outfit Details.....
Dress c/o | Flats (Shoedazzle) | Earrings (my sister's) | Chanel Lipstick- 34 La Rafinee

Happy Wednesday!

One of this season's trend is the off-shoulder look, and finding the perfect off-shoulder dress for the season can be quite a challenge sometimes for any occasion. We (ladies) all go through the motions of staring at a closet full of clothes and not being able to find something to wear- and that can be quite frustrating sometimes.

As a result, I think that having an off-shoulder dress like the one I'm wearing, from, will be a great piece to add to your wardrobe for the season.
I love how versatile this dress is- it can be worn with wedges, or heels to change from a daytime look to a date-night look. It can also be worn with flats or sandals as I have styled it to give you more of a semi-casual look, which can be worn to a brunch or a lunch date. Finally, it can be styled in anyway and anyhow you want- as long as it reflects your personal style.

Enjoy your day!

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Daily Word:
Psalm 1:2
"But his delight is in the law of the LORD,
And in His law he meditates day and night."- NKJV

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A Timeless Memory.....

June 12, 2017

Outfit Details...
Dress c/o | Flats (similar here) | Earrings

Happy Monday!

This week's posts are all in honor of Father's Day......

Growing up, one of the best part about my childhood was when my father would send us dresses from the U.S. I loved how the dresses that he would sent all felt timeless and perfect for a little girl. Since then, my love for dresses has increased dramatically, and they are now a staple in my closet.

Although I love dresses, I don't have much of a variety. I usually shop for occasional or fancy dresses, and never casual or semi-formal. So, this year, I have decided to focus more on casual and semi-formal dresses, especially in two of the seasons "it" colors, pink and blue. I am in love with this pink dress from, an online boutique store in L.A, California. I like how the dress is not too casual or too fancy. I also like how light and flowy it is, and the color is beautiful. It reminds me of the timeless dresses from my childhood. Thank you daddy for that memory!

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Daily Word:
Psalm 46:10
"Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world." - NLT

Photography by J.Adonai Photography

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