How To Shop For Beauty Products: Makeup Edition.....

June 26, 2017

Happy Monday!

There are many common threads that tie women from all cultures and backgrounds together. One of these common threads is beauty, and now more than ever, women are readily to take risks with different and new beauty products emerging in the market.

Although women are taking risks with different beauty products, the most challenging thing that I have noticed is that some women have absolutely no idea how to shop for beauty products, especially face makeup products such as foundation and concealer. It is extremely difficult for women, primarily for women of color, to find a foundation or concealer shade that either matches or don't.

Below are the tips I have learned when shopping for mainly foundation and concealer, and I hope that you find these tips helpful. Enjoy!

Shopping Tips:

  1. WHEN shopping for face makeup, make sure you don't have makeup on your face. Having makeup on your face just defeats the purpose of you finding the [perfect] color/shade.
  2. DON'T shop for foundation or concealer online. There is a high percentage that you will get the wrong one unless you already know your foundation color for that specific brand. Even with that, it is tricky because some of the makeup brands tend to change the name of the colors or the shades.
  3. ALWAYS ask for a sample of the product you try from Sephora before you purchase the full product. You will save money by doing that and since some of the Sephora stores are usually inside the mall with no natural light, it is difficult to tell if the makeup looks good outside. 
  4. PICK out the shade of makeup that you think will be a [perfect] match for you. Trust your instincts because you know your complexion better than the makeup artists/sales people at Sephora, MAC, Ulta, or any other makeup store. If you have no idea what color or shade to choose, then leave it to the pros.
  5. LASTLY, when shopping at Ulta, specifically the stores outside the mall-the ones in a shopping center, make sure to go outside to check how the foundation or concealer looks in natural light  before you buy the full size product. 
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Daily Word: Motivation Monday....
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