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August 31, 2017

Happy Thursday!

It is officially the end of the month August, which means summer is almost at its end. I am so excited for Fall this year because I get to wear boots and sweater and feel cozy(I can't wait!)

Anyways, let's get into today's post...
To kick off the new month and also Fall, I did some shopping for new makeup products. I only purchased the essentials which are concealer, primer, and a setting spray.

The Products....

The setting spray and the primer are both by Urban Decay and they both come in the same box. I bought the travel size so I can try them out to see how good they are since the majority of makeup gurus rave about them. A full review on these products will be out soon for those who want a review. The travel size retails for $19.

The concealer is by NARS. It is the creamy radiant or radiant creamy concealer. I recently tried a sample from Sephora, but it was the cream version, not the liquid one(photographed above). Full review on the concealer will be out shortly. It retails for $30 at Sephora.

The little brown product is some type of face serum by Bare Minerals and I was actually given a sample size to try. So no, I did not purchase this product.

That is all for today. Have a lovely day!

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Daily Word....
Psalm 51:10, NLT.
"Create in me a clean heart, O GOD.
Renew a loyal spirit within me."

My Top Lip Product Combination.....

August 30, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

I don't know if anyone has caught on yet, but I love makeup. I think my love for makeup started when I was in 8th grade (I think?!). One of my favorite makeup products, besides concealers, are lip products, specifically lipsticks and lip liners. I don't really have a go-to lip color either because it changes depending on how I feel, what day it is, and the season(weather season that is) we are in.

However, I do own a lot of pink and pinkish nude lipsticks. My favorite are these three lipsticks in the picture above. I usually don't miss all three together but there are days when the three colors look so good together.

The Lipsticks

MAC lipstick...
Color: Whirl
Finish: Matte

Chanel lipstick...
Color: La Raffinee
Finish: Velvet matte

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid lipstick...
Color: Dusty rose
Finish: Matte

The lip-liners are the NYX slim lip pencils from Ulta. They are one of the best lip-liners from drugstore. The names are wiped off on the pencils and I don't remember them(lol).

If you want to see how each lipstick looks like, click here, here, and here.

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An Elegant & Comfortable Style.....

August 29, 2017

Finding Balance between an Elegant and Comfortable Style.....

With a packing closet of stuff and still never ever having anything to wear (but not really), we women go through mini nervous breakdowns every single day when it comes to choosing the outfit for the day, don’t we? Ah, first world problems, indeed.
So, where exactly do we stand when it comes to mastering the thrill of dressing up? Hard to tell. However, what renders true is that finding a perfect combo in your wardrobe might be easier than you think, especially if you are going for a mix of elegance and casual. Still, this does not mean there are no rules to follow and that you can just throw clothes together into a weird combo of colors, shapes and patterns and hope for the best. The key to finding the perfect outfit for the day is balance, so let’s explore the idea behind it.
Gone are the days of high heels.....
High heels are a special part of any outfit, and they require poise and elegance to be pulled off properly. However, when you’ve got the personality for it, they can be easily combined with casual clothing as well. Nevertheless, with the hectic lives we are leading today – running around like a bunch of confused hyenas – it’s almost unimaginable to do it all in heels. For this, we’ve embraced flats as our go-to footwear and turned them into a very stylish piece of fashion that can be worn with both elegant pieces and casual items. And how to pick the right pair? Be sure to mind your outfit color. Otherwise, you are looking at a serious fashion faux pas.
Classy is still in.....
Not many dare wear classy dresses and outfits as they sometimes tend to look either too serious or too formal. However, they are timeless pieces you can rely on every time you want to make an impression. Understanding the basic classy styles can help you take it to the next level, and come up with a combination many could be envious of. A sophisticated, yet casual look is great for those who wish to dazzle, but not too much. And, better yet, it means that you are ready for any occasion without having to change outfits. We love that plus size fashion is having a moment, allowing girls of all sizes, shapes and styles to show off their fabulous fashion sense along with their superb fashion taste!
Smart casual.....
There are days when it is hard to decide whether to dress an outfit up or down, and on those days, why not go with both? A silk blouse with suede trousers might be the perfect outfit for the day as it could send a message that you are ready for work but also ready to party. Moreover, as this season is all about ruffles, it is an opportunity to include a blouse with ruffles with a cardigan, and boom ‒ you look smart, but feel comfortable, too.
Mix and match.....
The true beauty of combining elegance with casual is that you can finally have a chance to use accessories which might not go together otherwise. Even so, it is important to keep in mind that there are still fashion no-noes that must be followed, or you might end up looking silly. The art of mixing luxurious and affordable accessories basically depends on whether the chosen outfit is elegant, classy, or even simple casual. Wearing too many accessories will also soften the overall look, which is why it is necessary to keep it minimal but effective.
Your hair is part of the getup.....

No outfit is complete without a proper hairstyle, and that is why hair care is essential. Simple hairstyles are easier to maintain while more complex ones require a bit of know-how to keep them looking great. Using quality products will make your hair look absolutely fantastic, making it even easier to balance out an elegant yet casual style that is sure to sweep everyone off their feet.

About author:
Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about traveling, fashion, home d├ęcor and healthy living.  Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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Statement Earrings: Studs.....

August 28, 2017

 Happy Monday!

Earrings are my favorite accessories to wear with my outfits, and I feel so naked without them when I'm going out. I am not a big fan of dangling earrings- I feel like they weigh down my ears and it hurts. My favorite types of earrings are statement studs and hoops. I prefer gold earrings to silver ones, and I rarely wear silver.

 Why I prefer studs more?

  • They don't weigh down your ears. Whenever I wear long earrings that dangle, my ears feel so heavy and they feel as if they are about to make my ears fall off (sounds extreme, right?!).
  • I love how studs brightens up my face, especially like the one I'm wearing in the pictures.
  • I love the different designs studs have, like the one in the top picture. It is one of my favorite earrings and just in case you can't tell what it is, it's a peacock! (so exotic!)
  • Studs like the ones in the picture cover the hole that you put the earrings through and I like how that looks.
  • Lastly, I just LOVE studs!
Where I usually shop for earrings:
  • Kohl's
  • My older sister's closet- she has the cutest earrings. The best thing about having an older sister who is so nice is that you can take her earrings and she will be okay with it.
 More stud earrings.....

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Battle of the Blushes: Cream vs. Powder.....

August 24, 2017

Happy Thursday!

I have tried so many samples of blushes and I must say, I prefer cream blushes to powder ones. Why do I prefer powder blush to cream ones, you ask? Well here are my reasons why:


  • You can build up the product especially if it is not that pigmented
  • I feel like it lasts longer than cream in the container
  • It depends on how pigmented the blush is but some stay on the face for longer period of time

  • It doesn't stay on the face it's not pigmented
  • Sometimes the color shows differently on the face
  • It makes me look powdery
Other than these cons, sometimes, some makeup looks that I do goes better with powder blushes than cream ones.

  • It goes on smoothly and it is blendable
  • You can use a brush or your hand to apply it
  • I like how dewy and glowy it makes my makeup looks
  • It makes you appear more youthful
  • It stays on
  • It is messy when applying
  • I don't have anything else to say about it
I received the Lancome powder blush as a gift with a purchase, and I bought the Butter London cream blush at Marshall's! 

That is all for today, y'all!

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My #1 Time-Saver: Hair Edition.....

August 23, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

Finding time to do your hair is such a struggle. In fact, finding time to do your hair when you are in school is a struggle. I am always looking for easy hairstyles to last me for a week or two, because sometimes, it is just impossible to do anything to your hair, especially styles that take forever.

During this past school year, I went to bed late some nights, and waking up in the mornings was such a struggle for me. As a result, I was about 50 percent late to my first morning class. It was terrible being late all the time. I realized that one of the reasons why I was late sometimes was because of my hair (the others were because of makeup and food- don't judge me!).

Braiding my hair in crown braids was a lifesaver for me. I was able to get to class on time more often than not, and I didn't have to worry about what I was going to do to my hair. Overall, this is one of my favorite hairstyles for lazy days and also for days or weeks when it's impossible for you to do your hair. It is so simple to do and it doesn't take long as well.

Below are a few youtube videos that show how to achieve crown braids or halo braids:

That is it for today.
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Oh Maui.....

August 17, 2017

Happy Thursday!

I never realized that blogging daily was this much fun until this week.

Anyways, let's get started on today's post.....

I have been using this haircare brand, Maui Moisture Haircare, since May of this year and I love it. The collection that I'm using is the Curl Quench + Coconut Oil collection. They really moisturizes your hair like it says on the products and they definitely quench the thirst of your curls. I have never heard of Maui until my sister gave me the products, which she got from Curlbox- a natural hair product monthly subscription box.

A little bit about my hair.....
Thick, dyed hair
Type of curls: 3c/4a and a whole lot of other types in between
Porosity: low porosity. Although, my hair porosity has changed since I got my hair dyed.

About the products.....

  1. Shampoo: the shampoo is so moisturizing that I tend to use it on every wash day. It has coconut oil, papaya butter, and plumeria extract, and water- which are awesome for moisturizing dry and thick natural hair. Bonus: this product is sulfate-free.
  2. Conditioner: I love this conditioner, however I don't like using it for cowash because I feel that it doesn't clean my hair the way I feel it should. Though, I do use it to detangle before I shampoo. It also has the same major ingredients as the shampoo, and I like how it makes my hair feels after detangling.
  3. Curl Milk: I really love this curl milk stuff and it does wonders for my hair. I use it as a leave-in  conditioner and it smells so good. It is a thicker consistency than some hair milks that I have used- as in it is not runny, watery, or light at all. If your hair loves cream based products, then you need to try this line.
  4. Curl Smoothie: this smoothie is currently my hair's best-friend, and the perfect product for my wash-and-go's. I have tried wash-and-go's with gel, and although I love the results it gives me, it makes my hair feel a bit stiff after it dries. But when I use this smoothie with no gel, I notice that my curls are much more defined and much softer when my hair dries. I recently did a wash-and-go this past weekend(I wish I took a picture to show y'all), and the results were amazing. Whenever I use the curl milk and curl smoothie, my hair can maintain the moisture in it for about 4 days and not get dry.
Final thoughts.....

I have realized that it is best to use products from the same line or collection within a brand in order to achieve amazing results, especially if you want to build a haircare regimen or if you are just starting your natural hair journey. It is an easier and helpful way to figure out what works best for you and what doesn't. For me, I love this hair care line and I would definitely purchase it again(which I need to start preparing for because I am almost out of the conditioner).

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P.S. This is not a sponsored post by Maui Moisture Haircare or Curlbox.

The Blazer Formula.....

August 16, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

Blazers have always been a staple in my closet. I don't know why but I just love how they complete an outfit. However, it is extremely difficult to find the perfect fitted blazers that look fit my petite body.

Recently, I found this blazer (similar here) at Dillard's and after trying it on, I fell involve with it. It was like a match made in heaven(LOL!). I was so happy when I found it, and also happy when my mom bought it.

Now the possibilities of styling blazers are endless, and one of my favorite ways to style them is with jeans (denim). I love wearing a camisole with jeans and then elevating my look with the blazer. It is the perfect way to achieve one of the most trickiest style looks which is business-casual.

To style a blazer with jeans is easy. All you need is your jeans, a camisole or basic t-shirt (does not matter if it's printed or not), accessories, shoes (can be any type), your favorite go-to blazer, and of course a lipstick to complete the look. Then voila, you are done! See how simple and easy it was and stress free.

Again here is the simple formula:

Jeans + Camisole or T-shirt + Accessories
+ Shoes + BLAZER + Lipstick
= The easiest and chicest style ever!
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The Block Heels.....

August 15, 2017

Happy Tuesday!

The block heels has been in style for quite  sometime now and it is one of my favorite fashion trends of all time. The block heels is also one of the most classic styles of shoes out on the market. The pair that I have is the Carrson block heels by Steve Madden. I bought these at Macy's last year and I have been loving them since.

Now I don't know why some people (Ladies?!) don't own a pair of block heels yet. If you are one of the people that can't seem to decide on whether or not to get this shoe, don't panic just yet. Here are five reasons why I think every girl should drop whatever it is that they are doing, and go buy a pair of these shoes:
  1. This style is COMFORTABLE. One of my biggest deal breakers about buying shoes is it that they have to be comfortable. It does not matter how expensive, inexpensive, or cute the shoes are, as long as they are comfortable, I am okay with them. And that is why I love this shoe style.
  2. You can put all your WEIGHT on your heels while standing without feeling like you are about to fall over. There are some heels that you have to shift all your weight forward so you don't fall over, and to me, that is annoying and unsafe. What is the purpose of buying shoes that can potentially cause you to get hurt? (So not worth it!)
  3. This style is also FLATTERING on different types of feet (that I have seen so far, which is a lot), just like how certain types of clothing, especially certain types of dresses can flatter different body shapes.
  4. Consequently, it can ELEVATE an outfit and instantly give it an elegant look, which I love. (I mean who doesn't like looking elegant?!)
  5. Last but definitely not least, it is VERSATILE. It can be worn with just about any outfit you can think of, such as a jumpsuit outfit, romper outfit, or the likes.
Moreover, block heels are a timeless style that is worth having in your wardrobe, specifically one that you will not regret purchasing. I love my shoes, and they are my favorite black go-to heels. If you did not have a reason to buy a pair of block heels before, well now you do.

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Disclaimer: although they are comfortable, your feet can start to hurt if you stand for too long. Despite that, it is fine. Also, this is NOT a SPONSORED post by Steve Madden or Macy's.

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