Battle of the Blushes: Cream vs. Powder.....

August 24, 2017

Happy Thursday!

I have tried so many samples of blushes and I must say, I prefer cream blushes to powder ones. Why do I prefer powder blush to cream ones, you ask? Well here are my reasons why:


  • You can build up the product especially if it is not that pigmented
  • I feel like it lasts longer than cream in the container
  • It depends on how pigmented the blush is but some stay on the face for longer period of time

  • It doesn't stay on the face it's not pigmented
  • Sometimes the color shows differently on the face
  • It makes me look powdery
Other than these cons, sometimes, some makeup looks that I do goes better with powder blushes than cream ones.

  • It goes on smoothly and it is blendable
  • You can use a brush or your hand to apply it
  • I like how dewy and glowy it makes my makeup looks
  • It makes you appear more youthful
  • It stays on
  • It is messy when applying
  • I don't have anything else to say about it
I received the Lancome powder blush as a gift with a purchase, and I bought the Butter London cream blush at Marshall's! 

That is all for today, y'all!

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