My #1 Time-Saver: Hair Edition.....

August 23, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

Finding time to do your hair is such a struggle. In fact, finding time to do your hair when you are in school is a struggle. I am always looking for easy hairstyles to last me for a week or two, because sometimes, it is just impossible to do anything to your hair, especially styles that take forever.

During this past school year, I went to bed late some nights, and waking up in the mornings was such a struggle for me. As a result, I was about 50 percent late to my first morning class. It was terrible being late all the time. I realized that one of the reasons why I was late sometimes was because of my hair (the others were because of makeup and food- don't judge me!).

Braiding my hair in crown braids was a lifesaver for me. I was able to get to class on time more often than not, and I didn't have to worry about what I was going to do to my hair. Overall, this is one of my favorite hairstyles for lazy days and also for days or weeks when it's impossible for you to do your hair. It is so simple to do and it doesn't take long as well.

Below are a few youtube videos that show how to achieve crown braids or halo braids:

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