The Block Heels.....

August 15, 2017

Happy Tuesday!

The block heels has been in style for quite  sometime now and it is one of my favorite fashion trends of all time. The block heels is also one of the most classic styles of shoes out on the market. The pair that I have is the Carrson block heels by Steve Madden. I bought these at Macy's last year and I have been loving them since.

Now I don't know why some people (Ladies?!) don't own a pair of block heels yet. If you are one of the people that can't seem to decide on whether or not to get this shoe, don't panic just yet. Here are five reasons why I think every girl should drop whatever it is that they are doing, and go buy a pair of these shoes:
  1. This style is COMFORTABLE. One of my biggest deal breakers about buying shoes is it that they have to be comfortable. It does not matter how expensive, inexpensive, or cute the shoes are, as long as they are comfortable, I am okay with them. And that is why I love this shoe style.
  2. You can put all your WEIGHT on your heels while standing without feeling like you are about to fall over. There are some heels that you have to shift all your weight forward so you don't fall over, and to me, that is annoying and unsafe. What is the purpose of buying shoes that can potentially cause you to get hurt? (So not worth it!)
  3. This style is also FLATTERING on different types of feet (that I have seen so far, which is a lot), just like how certain types of clothing, especially certain types of dresses can flatter different body shapes.
  4. Consequently, it can ELEVATE an outfit and instantly give it an elegant look, which I love. (I mean who doesn't like looking elegant?!)
  5. Last but definitely not least, it is VERSATILE. It can be worn with just about any outfit you can think of, such as a jumpsuit outfit, romper outfit, or the likes.
Moreover, block heels are a timeless style that is worth having in your wardrobe, specifically one that you will not regret purchasing. I love my shoes, and they are my favorite black go-to heels. If you did not have a reason to buy a pair of block heels before, well now you do.

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Disclaimer: although they are comfortable, your feet can start to hurt if you stand for too long. Despite that, it is fine. Also, this is NOT a SPONSORED post by Steve Madden or Macy's.

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