Fall Must-Haves.....

September 26, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

It has been a while since I blogged and I am happy to be back. A lot has happened since last two-weeks, and I have officially moved to Savannah for school. Savannah is really pretty but I may not even get to wear my sweaters because of the weather. It is officially Fall, but I don't even feel it because it is above 80 degrees here in Savannah. 

However, I am so excited to change my wardrobe and fill it with some cute sweaters and some over-the-knee boots which I am dying to get. So I have come up with some of my Fall-must-haves for all of you fashion lovers. 

The Must-Haves...

1&5. Embroidered & Leather skirts: there is this trend that I have been loving so far and that is pairing a sweater with an embroidered skirt or leather skirt and it is the cutest style. So I just had to include both of these skirts in my fall-must haves.

2. Ankle Booties: booties or ankle boots are essential-Period! They are definitely a staple and they go with everything-from jeans to leggings.

3. Cardigan: I love cardigans and how they can elevate a simple, casual look to an effortless, chic look. And the cozier, the better.

4. Cross-body bag: I use to hate wearing cross-body bags because of how weird and awkward I look wearing them. Then, I realize how important and essential they were when I started my senior year in high-school. Now, I hate going out without them and I have one of the cutest cross-body bags and I can't wait to write a review on it.

6. Leather Jacket: I have been wanting to buy a faux leather jacket since last year and I just have to buy it this year. I love how edgy a faux leather jacket makes an outfit look. This is definitely a staple and a must-have for Fall.

7. Over-the-knee boots: I have never been into over the knee boots, specifically the ones with the heels. I just never liked how they look. However, for some odd reason (which I don't mind), I have been loving over-the-knee boots lately. I am obsessed with how they look and how sophisticated they help make an outfit look.

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That is all for today! Have a lovely day.

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Bloggers Recognition Awards.....

September 15, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

There is this award that recognizes new bloggers and I am proud to say that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award. Thank You so much Niharika Roychoudhury of the blog By Niharika. Please click on the link to check out her blog. She blogs about mom life, relationships, and a whole lot more. This is such a privilege to receive a nomination as a new blogger, and I appreciate the support that new bloggers also give each other. It is really awesome!

The blogger that nominated me, Niharika, also gave me questions to answer and here are those questions:

What inspired you to start a blog?
ANS: I heard about the different opportunities that blogging awarded, such as brand sponsorships, collaborations, and turning it into a career; and as result I started my blog. Also, I had this desire to help women, especially those who have a challenge with being fashionable and attaining a personal style, find their style and be more confidence in styling themselves.

Who is your biggest (present-day, living) influence?
ANS: There is not a specific person that I can think off, however I will say that the people around me have been an amazing support system. They read my posts as well as listen to me talk about the blog non-stop sometimes.

What is the most recent book you read?
ANS: The book of Deuteronomy in the Bible. I just started a new book as well called Never Unfriended by Lisa-Jo Baker.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
ANS: Rice with grilled tilapia and mango salsa. This food is so good, especially if you get it at Bonefish Grill

What would you say is the most extreme thing you've ever done?
ANS: I can't remember any extreme thing that I have done

If you could sit down and have lunch with anyone from history (living or deceased), who would it be? And why?
ANS: It would be King Solomon in the Bible. Because during his reign, Israel had an abundance of gold, silver, and bronze. Basically, the country was rich and beautiful so I would love to sit with him and have tea and talk about his life, and also gain insights from him, because he was really wise.

What is your favorite blog post that YOU wrote?
ANS: My favorite blog post that I wrote will have to be my valentines day post this year. I just love preparing for it and I enjoyed the photoshoot. It was really fun.

That is all. Now here are the bloggers I choose to nominate:

Christopher James Mitchell
Samantha David
Courtney Klimka
Kenzie Finks
Olivia Rose
Hannah Long
Jessy McAlexander

Here are the rules for the Liebster Award:
1. Write a post showing your award.
2. Thank the blogger who nominated you, by mentioning them and sharing about their blog in your acceptance post. Remember to leave a link to their blog in your post.
3. Answer the questions the blogger who nominated you gives you.
4. Nominate 5-10 bloggers who you think deserve this award.
5. Let the bloggers know that you nominated them.
6. Give them questions of your own to answer.

I give you all the questions that were given to me. Good luck to all of you!


September 8, 2017

Happy Friday!

This year, one of my goals is to do a reading challenge. At the beginning of the year, I started with great zeal but that zeal slowly diminished around March. (Such a struggle!). However, I refuse to give up on this goal, so I am determined to complete this reading challenge to the end of the year.

Since I am not an avid reader, there are some few genres that I actually do enjoy reading, especially practical books. This year, my main genre is Christian books and my main focus is on books that help me connect with God.

I heard about this book, Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst, president of the Proverbs 31 Ministries, earlier this year. There were just a lot of personal struggles that I was dealing with at school that was related to me feeling "uninvited", which was what prompted me to get this book.

Book Review....

This book is about "living loved when you feel less than, left out, and lonely." It is about giving yourself grace when you feel left out of your friend group and lonely in your life. Lysa shares her experiences of rejection and how rejection affects our relationship with God. This book is also about recognizing the "roots of rejection" and how you can overcome it by feeding on the Word of God and applying the truth in your life, and dismantling the strongholds the enemy has set up in our lives with his lies.

This book is so powerful; it has helped me understand and identify the core of some personal issues that I have in relation to rejection. It has helped me to rely on God and His Word more. This book has also helped me realize that rejection is painful, however I have the choice to let it oppress me or to go to God and let Him help me.

While reading the book, I just felt like she was speaking directly to me, and the words on the pages were just what I needed earlier this year. You know when you read a book and the content just describe exactly what you are going through, that was this book for me.

My favorite part of the book:

The book has some powerful quotes in it that I think are so profound and they resonate so deeply with me. There are so many powerful statements she makes in the book and these are just a few of the ones I love, and my favorite one is number 4.......
  1. "Rejection steals the best of who I am by reinforcing the worst of what's been said to me." (ch.1)
  2. "If you want to know what's really inside a person, listen carefully to the words she speaks." (ch.1)
  3. "The mind feasts on what it focuses on. What consumes my thinking will be the making or the breaking of my identity." (ch.2)
  4. "Live from the abundant place that you are loved, and you won't find yourself begging others for scraps of love." (ch.3)
These statements have truly helped changed my thinking and perspective on rejection. Now I can't give all the details of this book away, so if you want to know more about the book, I suggest that you get yourself a copy. It is definitely worth it.

That is all for today. Have a lovely day!

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Just The Basics.....

September 6, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

I love basic t-shirts, whether they are long sleeves or short sleeves. Since Summer is almost over, I decided to stock up on my t-shirts and add some Fall colors in such as the burnt orange t-shirt and also add this year's most popular color, blush pink.

T-shirts are perfect for those days when you want to look cute yet effortless. I love them and they are definitely a staple in my closet.

Stores I shop my basics at.....

  1. H&M: they have some of the best quality t-shirts that are also affordable. I bought the white and black shirts last year and so far, it doesn't shrink when washed. It is very comfortable as well.
  2. Kohl's: they have some of the softest t-shirts ever that are also affordable. I recently just purchased the burnt orange and blush t-shirt and they feel so soft. They also have different colors than H&M does. Nevertheless, I like shopping for basics at both stores.
Stores that I want to buy basics from.....
  1. Asos
  2. Topshop
  3. Zara
  4. Nordstrom
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That is all for today. Have a lovely day!

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Wardrobe Wishing.....

September 5, 2017

Happy Tuesday!

Fall is almost here and I am so excited. I can't wait to wear oversized sweaters and cardigans; ankle boots and booties; and my favorite clothing piece of them all, LEGGINGS!

Now, I am currently wishing for these items and I hope to get them for the Fall season....
  1. Cable Knit Cardigan
  2. Faux Leather Jacket
  3. Bell Sleeves Sweater
  4. Black Jeans (Denim)
  5. White KEDS
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That is all for today. Enjoy!

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