Little Luxuries.....

March 25, 2018

Hello my darlings!

This week was my spring break, and although I am sad that it's over, I am ready to start classes again. This break was much needed and I was able to rest and focus on myself. 

This year, one of my main goals is to be fearless and try new beauty brands; and so far, it is going great. I heard about this french lifestyle/beauty brand, L'Occitane, in December during the holidays, and fortunately for me, there is a store here in Savannah. 

I am obsessed with this brand! I love how the products make me feel. And as I am getting older, I am beginning to place value on having a quality filled life and the products from this brand add such quality to my life.

So here I am, loving the little luxuries in life...

My favorite products from L'Occitane so far is the shea butter hand cream. This hand cream smells amazing and it makes your hands feel so soft. It is always in my beauty bag.

This brand is worth investing in for two reasons:
  • L'Occitane give back to women in Burkina Faso, helps visual impairment around the world, and help those in need in Japan. I love supporting brands that give back to those in need. 
  • The products smell amazing; are mostly filled with natural ingredients such as shea butter, almonds, lavender, peony, and many more.
So fill your life with the little luxuries from L'Occitane- it is definitely worth it.



P.S. This post is not sponsored by L'Occitane.

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