You Are Enough.....

July 17, 2018

Hello Everyone....

During my quiet time, the Lord helped me write this letter to you all. In our world today, we can be so easily trapped in a cycle of feeling inadequate. We are quick to forget who we are created to be when our frenemy, "comparison", creeps in to our lives. 

See, I call "comparison" the frenemy because we hate it yet we seem to draw closer to it and allow it to corrupt our inner most self. So I wrote this to you all to remind you that you are enough-your perfect imperfections, how you snort when you laugh, your terrible jokes, and your unruly hair-despite all this, you are enough. So read on and let this truth sink in....

Dear love...

You are enough. You are enough. You are enough
There is nothing about you that is not enough. Your uniqueness makes you who you are, and there is power in knowing and understanding that you are enough

You don't have to meet anyone's expectations, wants, or needs. 
You don't have to compare yourself to anyone because what you carry is enough.
You don't have to harbor feelings of jealousy or discontent in your heart because what your gifts, talents, and skills are is unique.

You are enough, my darling, you are enough.
Don't allow yourself to be a slave to the compliments and presence of others to the extent that you lose yourself in the midst of it all. You are enough.
Be responsible for your own emotions and allow yourself the grace to let go of all unhealthy baggages, because you, sweetheart, are enough

Everything about you is so beautifully designed and carefully crafted, and that makes you enough. Understand this truth, and experience the peace and freedom that it brings, because you, my dear, are God's beautiful child, and you are good ENOUGH!

Verse of the day...
Psalm 139:14

Quote of the day...
"Sometimes I like to dream about what the world would be like if we all chose to believe that how God made us is entirely good enough...You have so much to offer the world: beauty and art and rare gifts that can only come from your hands, your voice, your beautiful brain. But ultimately you have to choose to believe that."
            -Aliza Latta

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