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August 9, 2018

It is crazy to think that summer is almost over. Where did the time go?! For this summer, I have been focusing a lot more on the health of my skin and making sure that I am protecting it against the harsh heat and other harmful things, such as chemicals. So here are my top five summer beauty tips that I have incorporated into my beauty routine that I think will help you all...


  1. PROTECT your skin. Make sure you are wearing sunscreen whenever you are outside. Sunscreen is one of the most important skincare product that the majority of people eliminate from their beauty routine and wardrobe. One myth that I hear quite often is that black people don't need sunscreen because we don't burn. Well, just because our complexion is darker does not mean we do not need it. No matter what your complexion is, you need to be protecting your skin to avoid long-term issues like skin cancer. Forget this myth and wear sunscreen. Your skin will thank you!
  2. Glowing with FACIAL oils. I started using facial oils at the beginning of the year and I just love them. So far, I have only tried facial oils from The Ordinary and I love them because the oils are 100% cold pressed and the price is great for anyone on a budget. Currently, I use the %100 cold pressed Rosehip seed oil and so far, I like it. Facial oils are great for every skin even if you have oily skin. They are lightweight and adds a natural glow to the skin. If you haven't already jumped on this trend, please I encourage you to do so. The best time to use them is usually at night when your skin has the time to breathe so you can wake up with beautiful, soft skin in the morning.
  3. Drink COCONUT water. I am terrible when it comes to drinking 8 glasses of water a day or just drinking enough water in general. So in order for me to stay hydrated and not feel overwhelmed by drinking 8 glasses of water a day, I drink coconut water. I love love love coconut water and my favorite brands are Zico and Vita. Coconut has many benefits no matter if it is oil or water. The water is rich in potassium so if you don't like bananas, drink coconut waters to get your daily dose of potassium.
  4. Pick your signature summer SCENT. Summer comes with great perks such as wearing the cutest dresses and wearing short sleeves and shorts. But it also comes with cons such as being sweaty and the heat making you more tired. When it comes to staying clean and smelling fresh, it can be challenging because of the heat. So my number one tip for smelling fresh and good is to choose a signature scent-whether it is perfume or body mist. Choose something that is light, airy, and fresh-something that will last longer throughout the day. Smelling good makes us feel great so don't neglect this tip.
  5. Take care of your LIPS. My lips are sensitive and because of that, I can't go a long period of time without applying lip balm, vaseline, or just any type of lip product to my lips to keep them hydrated and moisturized. My lips start to crack and the get chapped if I go the whole day without applying any moisturizer. Also, try to exfoliate at least twice a week to get rid of the dead skins to keep them looking fresh. 
Well, that is my five beauty tips for this summer that I have incorporated into my routine and I hope that you find these helpful.

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