The Most Easiest Skincare Routine To Follow: Let's Talk Beauty.....

August 8, 2018


Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with skincare. I love taking care of my skin and just reading beauty books that share secrets and tips on how to take care of the skin. So for a while now, I have been working on perfecting my skincare routines for both morning and evening, to achieve the best results for skin. So read on to learn how I take care of my skin.

I cleanse with the Purity made-simple cleanser from Philosophy. 
Then tone with the Kiehl's ultra facial toner. 
The next step is to use my essence from MISSHA
Then top it off with the salicylic acid from The Ordinary
The last step for the morning after I apply my moisturizer is to use sunscreen from MISSHA
For the night, my last step after applying the serum is to use my rosehip seed oil from The Ordinary.

This is my routine and as you can see, it is very simple. I try not to do too much because of time and just following these five steps is perfect for me. 

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