Oh, The Joys of Life.....

October 18, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

I cannot believe that I am almost twenty years old! How fast time really flies by(I have almost lived 2 decades). This birthday is a milestone for me because for the first time, I will be away from home and I just feel different than I normally feel on when it's my birthday week. 

Oh, the joys of life!

Majority of the people in America put so much emphasis on turning twenty-one (for obvious reasons), but for me, I feel that twenty is going to be much emphasized than twenty-one (one of the reasons being that I don't like odd numbers so 21 just seems odd to me, lol).

Oh, the joys of life!

Turning twenty has made me realize that I don't want to grow up at all! Also it has made me realize the harsh truth, that adulting is hard- especially on days that I just miss home-cooked meals!

Oh, the joys of life!

Also, there had been so many instances and moments that I could have lost my life but I didn't and I am grateful that I am still alive, and that is why I am so excited about this birthday. I can't wait for the little joys, disappointments, hurts, and precious moments that life has to offer.

Stay tuned for a part two of this post tomorrow!

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Have a wonderful too.
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My Safe Haven....

October 17, 2017

Happy Tuesday!

There are some songs that when you first listen to, you just can't stop listening and that is the feeling that these five songs ignite in me. For the time that I have been away from home, I have had those moments that my spirit just feels so down, fearful and anxious. During those times, these were some of my go-to songs that I listen to the most. I realized that I would wake up and feel that my heart is singing one of these songs especially songs numbers 2 and 3 the most.

I have found that my safe haven for my anxious and fearful heart is in worshiping my King and just proclaiming His greatness out loud, which always calms my heart and spirit, and gives me peace. Those moments when I just listen to the words of these songs and allow my heart to feel the weight of every word and my spirit to hear the depth of each lyric sang.

I love to worship- it is so powerful! I share these songs with you all (anyone, whether christian or not), and I encourage each and everyone of you that read this post to listen to these songs. No matter what you are going through, just silence your heart and all the tiny or loud voices in your head and just meditate on these songs, and you will see a difference.

Worship Songs
  1. God I Look To You by Jenn Johnson (Bethel Church)
  2. Here Now by Hillsong United
  3. So Will 1 (100 Billion X) by Hillsong United (I like this version here better)
  4. In Your Presence by Jenn Johnson
  5. The More I seek You by Kari Jobe
P.S. Totally unrelated to this post, but I love the movie, Safe Haven (inspired by a Nicholas Sparks book by the same title) with Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough! It's so good and it's currently on Netflix. Y'all should watch it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Have a wonderful day!
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My Favorite Places To Shop....

October 11, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

I have been on a shopping spree lately and I am loving it. I haven't been shopping in a long time and this spree is making me so happy. It has been very therapeutic for me after my long classes. Sometimes I get ask where I shop for my clothes so today I decided to share with you all my favorite places to shop for most of my clothes.

Favorite stores to shop...
  1. H&M: This is where I get most of my clothes, from dressy to casual. I love shopping at H&M because I can fit their clothes well. So for all my petite girls, if you are looking for nice clothes that fit, try H&M.
  2. Asos: I also love this place for cute, trendy pieces. Also, they have a nice range of petite clothing, however I can sometimes fit their main collection sizes.
  3. Dillards: This is my go-to store for my fancy dresses. I love their dresses, especially ones by Antonio Melani and occasionally, Gianni Bini.
  4. Topshop (occasionally): I just love window shopping on the site and also their floral, bohemian pieces.
  5. American Eagle Outfitters: I like shopping here clothes that are outside my comfort zone that I can still incorporate this into my style.
I hope you enjoyed reading this! Have a wonderful too.

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5 Tips For The Perfect Photo-Shoot.....

October 10, 2017

Happy Tuesday!

I have been blogging for a little over a year now, and it has introduced me to a world of photo-shoots and the behind the scenes work that comes with it.
My first photoshoot that I did was for my senior pictures, and I had so much fun, that I wanted to do it again. My first real photoshoot for my the blog was in December of last year, and since then I have learned many tips from my other shoots that I want to share with you all...

Photo-shoot Tips.....

  1. ALWAYS PREPARE IN ADVANCE. Sometimes it gets difficult to try to prepare for a photoshoot, especially a fashion one, the night before. I usually prepare the night before because I don't do major photo-shoots often, but for the big ones that I do do, I prepare at-least 3 days in advance.
  2. BE STRATEGIC. Know exactly the post that you are doing the photoshoot for. Trying to do a photoshoot for a post that you haven't taught off can be challenging and frustrating.
  3. BE CONFIDENT in your poses. Try out new poses. If you don't like them, then change them. If you don't feel comfortable, then let your photographer know, and then try something different. Always think about what makes you look good in photos - if you like smiling, and you think you look beautiful and also feel beautiful, then smile until your teeth falls out. 
  4. CHOOSE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER WISELY. It is so important the people that you work with. Choose the photographer that will let you be yourself, and yet still guide you. Also, choose your photographers based on their strength.
  5. HAVE FUN. The most important thing that I have learned from my photoshoots so far is to have fun, fun, fun! Don't stress about what you are doing. The most beautiful and timeless pictures are usually the ones that you look happy and look like you are having fun.
That is it for today! I hope everyone enjoyed reading this. 

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China Glaze.....

October 4, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

I am a big fan of nude and pinkish-nude nail polishes. I have been on the hunt for a beautiful nude nail polish with a slight hint of pink in it, and I believe I have found that color.

The Nail Polish...

This is the Note To Selfie nail polish by China Glaze and I love it. I love how light and feminine it looks on my nails. It has a lighter consistency and it requires 2-3 coats to get the desired the color. However, it glides on so smoothly. It has become one of my favorite nail polishes in my beauty products. The nail polish retails for $7.50 at Ulta beauty.

That is all for today! Have a lovely day.
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