CECILIA is a blog committed to being a guide for young girls and women, who love curating their own personal style, the ever-changing world of fashion, and beauty (skincare and makeup). I hope to inspire women and young girls to create a style, from fashion to beauty, that reflects their personality.

I was born in West Africa, Ghana, and migrated to the United States at the age of 10. As a little girl, I had always wanted to become something other than a blogger or designer. However, as I got older, my love and passion for all things beauty and fashion became evident.

I was exceptionally intrigued by the idea of curating my own personal style that reflected my personality. I had no knowledge of this industry of blogging until the year 2015. So I decided to start CECILIA as a platform to help the less-abled fashion women create their own sense of style. I also started this blog as an outlet to teach women and young girls the importance of skincare and makeup.

The more I blog, the more passionately I fall in-love with it. Though it is not easy, I am excited for the journey ahead of me in the coming years.

Thank You all for following along with me on this journey, and for your constant love and support, and to my family and friends, for their continual encouragement and motivation.

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