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July 24, 2017

Happy Monday!

I was always cautious when it came to buying different colored lipsticks and my go-to colors were pink and nude. However, I now love trying new colors and I have a staple color for every season.

For Spring, my primary color is the soft pink; for Summer, I love the bright orange lipstick; for Fall, I like the build burgundy lipstick; and for winter, I love a beautiful bold red lipstick.

Also, I am trying to build up my red lipstick collection, and I can't wait for the winter season. Well here is my collection and I hope you enjoy.

These are the different brands I own so far:
  1. Lancome
  2. Kat Von D
  3. Smashbox
  4. M.A.C
  5. NARS
  6. Stila
  7. Bite
  8. NYX
  9. Chanel
  10. Anastasia Beverly Hills
These are the brands that I want to try:
  1. Charlotte Tilbury
  2. Dior
  3. YXL
  4. Too Faced
  5. Tarte
  6. Urban Decay
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