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July 21, 2017

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Happy Friday!

Today's post is all about my makeup storage box and how it has helped me so far. I saw this clear glass storage box at Marshall's and immediately decided to buy it. I like how it is clear because I love seeing all the makeup products and it is easier to find a product when I'm getting ready.

Although it is small, I bought it to store my makeup for the meantime till I find a bigger and more sturdy one. So far, it has helped me with storing my makeup, however it is falling apart. I  don't like how weak and fragile it is. The first day I bought it, the chain part broke off. That was not expected.

Second, the divider in the middle has started to break on the sides. As a result, it is difficult to find the little sample sized products in the box. Finally, it is just too small and my collection keeps growing.

Hopefully, I can find another storage box. If any of you are looking for inexpensive storage boxes like mine, check Marshall's or HomeGoods- they usually carry these boxes.

That is it for today everyone; have a lovely weekend!

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