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September 26, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

It has been a while since I blogged and I am happy to be back. A lot has happened since last two-weeks, and I have officially moved to Savannah for school. Savannah is really pretty but I may not even get to wear my sweaters because of the weather. It is officially Fall, but I don't even feel it because it is above 80 degrees here in Savannah. 

However, I am so excited to change my wardrobe and fill it with some cute sweaters and some over-the-knee boots which I am dying to get. So I have come up with some of my Fall-must-haves for all of you fashion lovers. 

The Must-Haves...

1&5. Embroidered & Leather skirts: there is this trend that I have been loving so far and that is pairing a sweater with an embroidered skirt or leather skirt and it is the cutest style. So I just had to include both of these skirts in my fall-must haves.

2. Ankle Booties: booties or ankle boots are essential-Period! They are definitely a staple and they go with everything-from jeans to leggings.

3. Cardigan: I love cardigans and how they can elevate a simple, casual look to an effortless, chic look. And the cozier, the better.

4. Cross-body bag: I use to hate wearing cross-body bags because of how weird and awkward I look wearing them. Then, I realize how important and essential they were when I started my senior year in high-school. Now, I hate going out without them and I have one of the cutest cross-body bags and I can't wait to write a review on it.

6. Leather Jacket: I have been wanting to buy a faux leather jacket since last year and I just have to buy it this year. I love how edgy a faux leather jacket makes an outfit look. This is definitely a staple and a must-have for Fall.

7. Over-the-knee boots: I have never been into over the knee boots, specifically the ones with the heels. I just never liked how they look. However, for some odd reason (which I don't mind), I have been loving over-the-knee boots lately. I am obsessed with how they look and how sophisticated they help make an outfit look.

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That is all for today! Have a lovely day.

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