October Days.....

October 3, 2017

Happy Tuesday and Happy New Month!

It is already October, and I just can't believe it! It has been quite a hectic year so far, from slamming the car door on my finger,  coordinating two weddings, to moving to a new state for school. I am so excited for the next couple months and also for the years ahead. Also, I am excited for this month because it is my birthday month!

Life Update...

Sometimes you never realize how much you need God until you experience some major ordeal in your life. Recently, I had an anxiety attack and this was my first time experiencing it. It was such a scary moment for me that I just wanted to quit everything I was doing and just take a break. I became so fearful of everything and everyone around me and all I wanted to do was to just stay in my room and not go out. The attack was so strong that even sleeping at night was a problem.

"The enemy tries so hard to distract  you from your purpose and shift your focus off God by using tactics such as this"(said by a special friend/sister). So during this time, I had the choice to either let my anxiety and fear consume me or turn to God for help. I picked up my Bible and I began to read; and I began to pray as well, and I realized that the more I was reading and meditating on His word as well as praying, the more the voices of these two negative spirits, anxiety and fear, grew quieter.  I bless God so much for the power of His word and for getting me through this.

Also, I want to take this opportunity to pray for the families of the victims in the shooting in Las Vegas. I pray that the LORD continues to strengthen and comfort the families who have lost loved ones. I pray that the LORD wraps His hands around those who are mourning and I pray that He heal their hearts as they go through this experience. Finally, I pray for the nation of America, that the hand of the LORD will be upon us. That His glory and mercy will sweep over this nation, in Jesus's name, Amen!

That is all for today! Have a lovely day.
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