5 Fresh Ways To Layer Your Wardrobe This Season.....

January 3, 2018

This winter has brought some new trends regarding layering your clothes. You’ll see that not only will your layers keep you warm, but they’ll help you look absolutely fashionable and sophisticated. And, in order to help you choose the right combination, we’ve prepared a list of some useful advice and suggestions about this topic.

Slouchy cardigans – casual, cool and go well with everything

Slouchy cardigans have gained quite a lot in popularity recently. They are insanely warm and can be combined easily with the rest of your wardrobe. You can wear such a cardigan over a plain t-shirt when you go for a drink with your friends, but you can also combine it with a nice shirt and create a perfect combination for work.
Finally, feel free to go crazy and experiment with colours a bit. You’ll be surprised to see how some bolder nuances that you’re not used to wearing can make you look much livelier and sexier.

Graphic logo t-shirts over a long-sleeve top – so edgy

Another interesting combination would be wearing your favourite graphic logo t-shirt over a sexy long-sleeved mesh top. This will add that edgy feel to your style and make you look super urban. Finally, you can put on a punk-inspired coat to add that final touch to your outfit. Keep in mind that being unique is extremely important.

Turtlenecks under your coat – retro and elegant

Turtlenecks have also become quite popular this season, so, you can definitely include them into your layers and wear them under a fuzzy coat to achieve that wow effect. We advise you to check out the Pantone’s latest colour report and go for a turtleneck in one of these fashionable shades. You’ll be surprised to see how elegant this extravagant outfit can be.
Furthermore, you are more than welcome to combine your turtleneck with a denim jacket to achieve a more retro look, or a classic feminine blazer and a nice pair of trousers which will make you look absolutely chic and slim down your figure.

Beautiful accessories – your final layer

Once you’ve chosen all your layers, complete your look with some modish accessories. Be that a nice necklace, an elegant handbag or a scarf, your accessories will help you connect all the layers you’re wearing and turn them into a stunning combination. Additionally, these accessories can serve you as a statement piece around which you’ll build your entire look.
For example, you can go for a high-quality scarf which you can find here and then combine it in numerous ways with the rest of your wardrobe. Finally, when choosing the scarf, keep in mind that silk and wool are particularly hyped fabrics this season.

Socks and strappy sandals – why not?

This winter will be remembered as a time for breaking the rules. We’re finally able to go crazy and truly experiment with our clothes coming up with some crazy combinations. With this in mind, we want to bring your attention to a new seasonal trend – socks under strappy sandals. This combo was considered a huge no-no in the fashion world but this layering craze has made it possible. So, it’s high time you took your sandals out of the closet and made everybody’s head turn. However, make sure that you put some extra layers on top to keep you warm.
As you can see, there are so many different ways in which you can layer your wardrobe to achieve a sophisticated, provocative look. You just need to be imaginative and try to come up with something truly unique. After all, the most important thing is that you like what you see in the mirror.

Enjoy and have a lovely day!

Guest Post by Sophia Smith, style and beauty blogger.

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