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January 5, 2018

Happy Friday!

I am a big fan of books with pretty covers, especially beauty and fashion books that have the prettiest covers such as this one. Pretty covers make reading a little less boring for me and they actually motivate me to read. Also, I like how pretty they make your bookshelf look.

Back in October last year, I purchased this book, Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart, for two main reasons. One for the knowledge it shares about how beauty is impacted by our diet and two, for it's pretty cover. I wanted to learn more about the impact of food on my beauty-my skin and hair. I must say that I am so glad that I bought this book. Although, I'm not done reading yet, so far it has changed my perspective on the foods I eat and how that affects my skin and hair.

Jolene Hart explains a lot about the different vitamins, and nutrients we get from the foods we eat. She also explains the different harmful chemicals in food that affects our beauty and causes our skin to age quickly. What I love about this book is that Jolene lists the different Eat Pretty foods that you can eat each season to get that healthy glow and healthy looking hair. She explains her choice of food for each season and why eating those foods during the season can add to your overall beauty and why they are important and healthy for you.

In addition, you will also find recipes in the book for all the four seasons. This past Autumn, I tried some of the foods mentioned in the book for the first time ever. I tried Sweet Potatoes, red cabbages, and dried cranberries for the first time. I don't know why I thought Sweet Potatoes were bitter (lol) and I was pleasantly surprised when they tasted sweet(don't judge me). I like red cabbages, although I do find them to be slightly bitter. I hated the dried cranberries I tried-they were gross.

Also, I made the Pumpkin Pie Spice and I just love it. I've tried it with apples and they tasted great but I love putting the spice in my oatmeal. It makes the oatmeal taste so good and it's healthy for you. I encourage y'all to try making the spice that's why I shared the recipe.

Overall, I think this book is extremely informative and helpful for anyone wanting to change their diet to a more healthy one for better skin, hair, and all-around health. I enjoy reading it and I also enjoy learning about the different foods that contribute to my beauty. I encourage you all to try and get a copy and read it.

P.S. I bought this on for $10.70. Also, I found copies of the book at Marshall's for $7.99 

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Word of the Day: 

Song of Solomon 4:7
"You are all together beautiful, my darling,
      beautiful in every way."

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