5 Ways To Style The Leather Jacket.....

February 28, 2018

I am all about investing in quality and versatile peieces for your wardrobe. Denim, shoes, t-shirts, and jackets are among many that I invest in. I am picky and extremely indicisve when it comes to buying any of the things I mentioned above. And one thing that I needed in my wardrobe was a leather jacket. So for the past year, I have been on the hunt for one that fits my body well.

Then about a month ago, I found this faux leather jacket at H&M and it was perfect when I tried it on so I bought it, and I have been wearing it since. The leather jacket is a definite staple that every-one, whether male or female, should have in their wardrobe. It can elevate any outfit and it is perfect for dressing up without putting too much effort into it.

All About The Jacket...

This is a faux leather jacket from H&M with red lining, which is my favorite part of the jacket. I love the exposed zippers and the detail work at the shoulder part. I think the detail at the shoulder just makes this jacket more edgier. I bought this in a size 2 and it fits comfortably.

How To Style...

I have been wearing the jacket with almost all my outfits. Lately I haven't been dressing up as much because school has just been crazy busy. But here are some of my favorite ways to style it:

Outfit 1: Sweatpants with a basic shirt (doesn't matter the color) paired with the leather jacket and sneakers.
Outfit 2: Sweatpants with a basic whtite t-shirt paired with the leather jacket and Keds.
Outfit 3: Denim with any colored shirt or blouse with the jacket and white Keds or ankle boots like the one in the picture.
Outfit 4: Velvet dress with the jacket paired with over-the-knee boots.
Outfit 5: Leggings with a black t-shirt paired with the jacket and Nike sneakers.
There are many ways you can style the jacket and this is just how I have been styling mine. I can't wait to do my styles with it.

Shop the jacket.....

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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