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April 24, 2018

Elegant bathrooms with décor to die for – a trend that emerged a couple of years ago and still keeps growing strong today. Bathrooms are places where you feel safe and comfortable, where you can relax and gather your thoughts before you actually go out into the world, or perhaps prepare for taking a perfect selfie. There’s something about bathroom lighting and décor that inspires us all to strike a pose and snap an Instagram-worthy photo. You can easily transform your own cozy little bathrooms into one of those luxurious ones that can be seen in restaurants and hotels if you follow these 5 easy décor tips:

Let there be light

In order to get the perfect selfie, you must remember one thing: lighting is (almost) everything! Having big windows that allow plenty of natural light to flow in is great, but what about the evenings? What happens when you’ve finished getting ready for a night out with friends and feel super-confident? Of course, you want to snap that perfect selfie and post it on all social media accounts you have. Make sure you have the perfect lighting for perfect selfies – lightboxes are great, as are ordinary wall sconces and colorful lights. Use the former for sharp photos to show off your makeup skills, and the latter when you want to get that soft, romantic glow in your photos.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Let’s face it – our obsession with selfies actually began because of mirrors. The way we see ourselves in the mirror happens to be the most familiar view we have of ourselves. We know our own angles, we know the poses, we know how to show off the makeup, outfit, and accessories, and all we need is the right mirror to capture the perfect image. Having a full-length mirror in the bathroom might be perfect, but sadly very few people actually have it. Get a mirror that can be mounted on walls or doors, as these provide the neutral angle. If you can’t do that, experiment with holding your phone in front of you, or a bit at the side. Step away from the mirror to capture your outfit or come closer if you want to show off your makeup and accessories. Of course, it goes without saying that there shouldn’t be any mirror stains and water spots, or your hard work will be ruined.

A touch of luxury

Those who have large master bathrooms with plenty of space are in luck, as they can actually install a chaise or even a couch in there and give it that luxurious hotel-bathroom look. Plenty of five-star hotels and popular restaurant bathrooms have this feature because these additions are glamorous as well as functional. If you don’t have enough space, don’t despair – modern bathroom vanities with details such as perfume bottles, colorful towels, or even your sequin bag will do the trick. Add details that will contrast the sleek line of the sink and mirror, capture any plants you might keep inside or even your fluffy bathrobe or bath mat.

Mind the background

You will be the center of your selfies of course, but the background should be important too. You don’t want your photo to capture piles of dirty laundry, your cleaning supplies, or the mess you’ve made while you were getting ready, do you? If your bathroom has vintage tiles, it can be the perfect background for your photos. Vintage tiles are the new light wood – they add fun to the photo without drawing attention away from you. If you’re hoping to recreate the atmosphere of popular city restaurants, you can even opt to cover at least one wall with outrageous wallpapers instead. Think huge pink flamingos, trippy zebra prints, vertically and horizontally applied striped wallpapers, or perhaps flowers with a subtle matte silver sheen.

Don’t go too color-crazy

You might think that combining more than four shades in the bathroom is cute but guess again. Having black and white floor tiles, pink wallpapers, silver faucets, and blue towels in the photo at the same time will draw attention away from your outfit. Try to tone it down a bit, and when you’re using accessories, try to pick the colors that will compliment your outfit. Get creative and play with props and accessories in your photos – use differently colored towels, change the shower curtain, bring in a lamp from your room… Let your inner decorator take over and turn your bathroom into a small photo studio, at least for a while.
The reason we feel so inspired to take a selfie when we’re in the bathroom is probably that we feel comfortable there. Bathrooms give us the feeling of privacy needed for us to photograph ourselves over and over again until we get the perfect shot, and when we’re happy not only with the way we look in the photo but with the way the bathroom looks too, we’ll gladly share the photo with the world.
This is a guest post by Faith McGregor-a writer and a home decorator!

This is the first post in my new series here on the blog which will be all about interior design.
I hope you enjoyed reading today's post! 
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