10 Things: June Chapter.....

June 30, 2018

Happy Saturday!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far! It is officially the last day of the month and I am starting a new series on here called "10 THINGS". This series is going to be posted on the last day of every month to mark the end of the month. And I am going to share ten little luxuries that come my way every month.

So for the June Chapter, here are the 10 "little luxuries" that stole my heart this month:

  1. Essential oils
  2. Making lists
  3. Event planning
  4. Flowers
  5. Korean Drama
  6. Coconut water
  7. Pink Lipsticks
  8. Pink Nail polishes
  9. Reading the Bible
  10. Animal crackers
That is it for today! I hope you enjoyed reading! 

Don't forget to check out my last post and also feel free to comment! Have a wonderful weekend!

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