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July 13, 2018


I had not heard of vegan shoes until I met this lovely pair. These are from and they are so comfortable.

So how did this beauty and I meet? Well.....

I had been on the hunt (still is) for mules that are comfortable, yet stylish and also a pair that can go with anything. On one faithful night, I decided to do some online shopping to see what I will find and I went on When I saw this, I immediately had to click on it because of the word "vegan". It caught my attention. I mean I know of the vegan diet but I did not know that vegan shoes existed.

So what on earth do I mean by vegan shoes?

Vegan shoes are made without any animal products or ingredients. The materials are man-made and instead of using real leather, microfibre leather is often used instead. This goes for other materials such as silk and wool.

So for this particular shoes, they are made with man-made metallic leather instead of real leather and the sole are made of felted rubber; and these retail for $31.00.

I find it interesting the different materials that we can use to make fashion goods and still be ethical. That is one thing I want to start incorporating into my style - being ethical, and I encourage you all to do so too.

Thank you all so much for watching and have a lovely weekend!

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