The #1 Trend That I Am Loving.....

July 11, 2018

In an industry where things are constantly being changed and new things are always being created, it is easy to get suck into the fads and trends that only last for a short time. I am all about classic styles that are timeless but I have to admit, there are just some trends that are too good to not follow.

One of the trends that I have been loving for the past several months is the bag and scarf trend. I bet most of you are wondering what exactly this trend is or why it's even relevant. Well, all this trend really is, is tying a scarf around your bag when the spring/summer seasons, since it's too warm outside to wear a scarf around your neck. Also, I just think this tying the scarf around your bag just gives your style a more effortless aesthetic.

This bag is from Zara (it's currently on sale) and the scarf is from H&M. The funny thing is I was not gonna follow this trend but when I bought the scarf, it was a little short for me to tie around my head so I decided to put it to good use by tieing it around the straps of my bag.

That is it for today! What fashion trend have you been loving so far?

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